Bright happy colors. Intricate hand-stitching.  Unique, one of a kind.  Re-purposed fabric.  Each Kantha (KAHN-taa) is a one of a kind creation.  They add a luxurious  touch to any home or cottage.

Kanthas originate from Bangladesh and Eastern states of India, where women stitch together layer upon layer of old saris and tossed-aside fabric scraps.  Kanthas have a variety of very functional uses:

  • Dress up accent pieces of furniture.
  • As a tablecloth or picnic cover.
  • Draped over a sofa or lounge.
  • As a personal wrap over your shoulders.
  • A splash of color as a layering piece at the foot of your bed.

Your purchase of a Kantha provides needed income for women in third world areas and gives new purpose to the beauty of these fabric scraps.  Also shop our collection of Kantha pillows and pouches.