Welcoming Northwoods Home & Gift to Glen Arbor

Welcoming Northwoods Home & Gift to Glen Arbor ~ Now Open!Web logo_Northwoods Home_vintage oval green pine sprig_dropshadow

Georgia, owner of Northwoods Hardware, speaks about opening her new sister location in Glen Arbor: Northwoods Home & Gift

“I love the Leelanau Peninsula and feel blessed every day to call this magnificent area ‘home’.  My shop, Northwoods Home and Gift is inspired by the color palette that surrounds us, the natural beauty of the area, and the landmarks on the peninsula including the dunes, beaches and water.  When it comes to my home, I want to incorporate that color palette, that beauty inside.  Our homes should be our haven, our happy place.  A place of peace and serenity.  Whether it’s the candles you burn, the pillows you snuggle with, the art that surrounds you, the centerpiece on your table, the serving piece you pass, or the rugs you walk on . . . they all contribute to making your house, a home.  Your home.  Your unique statement of who you are and what you value and love.

With that sentiment, I hope to source unique home accessories that are inspired by the natural beauty of our area, along with thoughtful gifts and cards.  And along my buying journeys, I hope to acquire some unexpected surprises that will make you smile.”

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