Tikka Masala Sauce


Rating:  ***** (that’s 5 stars out of 5!)

I said I was going to “blog” about the various “simmering sauces” I’m carrying at Northwoods Home & Gift.  As many of you know, my background is food retail.  And at one time I think there were many friends and business acquaintances that would have called me the “Queen of Shortcuts.” Yes, I can cook from scratch but I was selling all these fabulous specialty food products and I became quite adept at “short-cutting” recipes by substituting a specialty product.  These days it’s just Jeff and I for most dinners.  And we’re both working.  But I still like a nice dinner together…

Enter Stonewall Kitchen Simmering Sauces…

In particular tonight . . . Tikka Masala.  I LOVE the flavors of the East.  Thailand, Korea, India . . . all good with me.

I followed the recipe on the jar for their Tikka Masala.  Here’s photos of my preparation and final product.  I used Jasmine rice, I served snow peas on the side, I made with chicken (you could use tofu) and I garnished with cilantro.  I put a “dollap” of plain Greek yogurt on the side to cut the heat.  It was delicious.  And so quick and so easy.

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