Create a Garden Sanctuary

“A personal outdoor sanctuary is an important part of feeling connected to all of life.”

-Quote by Madisyn Taylor of Daily OM

I love creating “space” . . . whether indoors or outdoors I believe in the beauty of life and learning to cultivate “loveliness” in places that restore and replenish my soul.  That would be my home and my yard.  Creating a garden sanctuary reminds us of the beauty of nature.  To each of us that space looks different.  There is no right or wrong.  It’s what speaks to your heart and soul.  What makes you smile.

Our Northwoods Garden Center can help you create that outdoor space.  Fountains, beautiful plants in shades of pink, purple, red, orange and an endless array of green arrived this week.  Wind chimes, whimsical sculpture.  Bright colored pots.  And a comfortable chair to sit in to enjoy the calmness and beauty that surrounds you.

Whether that view includes one of our beautiful lakes, a river, a lush woodland or expanse of meadow . . . taking time to create this space will make your heart sing.  Happy spring everyone, enjoy the photos of “set-up” day in the Garden Center.

Northwoods Garden Center can help you create your very own outdoor sanctuary.

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