Cooking up for Fall at Northwoods Home & Gift


Hard to believe, but the massive crowds have exited our small town to return home to fall activities such as school and sports.  The arrival of fall not only signifies the beginning of college football and cooler temperatures, but a change in meal preparation.  I don’t know about you, but in the summer I have a hard time cooking over the stove, everything is on the grill it seems.  This time of year I embrace the return to my kitchen.  But I’m still busy and not always wanting to cook from scratch.  Enter Stonewall Kitchen Simmering Sauces.

WOW.  Available at Northwood’s Home & Gift, these amazing sauces allow me to prepare a special weeknight meal in a minimum amount of time.  Sure I could make Tikka Masala from scratch, but I’d need a pantry full of spices and a lot of time.  Or how about Chicken Marsala?  I’m working my way through the sauces and will be posting what I have done on our Facebook page with my results and reviews.  So far, two thumbs up on the Tikka Masala.  Fabulous.  Good enough for Jeff and I, good enough for company.  Want to come to dinner?


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