An Ornamental Christmas

I’m not quite ready to put up my Christmas decorations, but it is right around the corner.  Whenever Jeff and I travel, one of the things I love to do is purchase tree ornaments.  Each year when our tree goes up it’s filled with memories of our travels.  I figured I can’t be the only one that does that, so I’ve sourced some really special ornaments to sell at my shop.

Here’s a picture of two of my favorites . . . from two of my favorite Michigan artisans.  Megan Akiyama is a Grand Rapids potter.  I carry several of her items but my #1 seller is her simply designed, Michigan ornament with the heart lovingly placed in Leelanau County.


I met Tom Thompson later this summer when he strolled into my shop with his traveling “display case” full of Michigan shape cut Petoskey stone magnets, key chains . . . I asked if he had any ornaments.  He said he’d make me some!  And here they are.  Thinly cut (no easy feat) and polished on BOTH sides.  They’re beautiful.  I still have his key chains, bottle openers and bottle stoppers, all of which make GREAT gifts.  But I LOVE the Petoskey stone ornament.

Michigan Clay Ornament:  $10.00

Michigan Petoskey Stone Ornament:  $30.00

Thanks Tom and Megan for your talent!


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